Trees face chop

BOMBALA Council will consider a recommendation tonight to cut down streets trees in Caveat Street which are reaching the end of their lives.

It is proposed that the trees – between Maybe and Wellington streets – be removed at a cost of $18,500 to ratepayers this finacial year.

The cost of replacing them has been estimated at $20,000 which is proposed to come out of next financial year’s budget.

If approved by councillors, work would only go ahead after community consultation.

According to a report to councillors, the trees are dropping branches which could seriously injure pedestrians or cause damage to vehicles parked in the street.

The trees have also become weakened and unsightly as a result of pruning in the past to keep them clear of power lines.

“Most of the trees with the exception of the two near Maybe Street are in slow decline health wise and will require more and more tree husbandry with no improvement in their contribution to the streets’ visual amenity,” the report said.

“The tree in front of the accountants recently dropped a large enough branch that could have caused significant damage to a car or injury to a person.

“The two trees at the intersection of Caveat and Maybe streets beside the RSL Club drop large numbers of nuts onto the footpath and roadway.

“This area is a high pedestrian traffic area and therefore they increase the risk of injury and therefore present an increased risk of litigation to council.

“Most of the trees are impacting the footpath, road pavement and kerb and gutter,” it said.

The council has labelled the trees as “high maintenance”, noting that they require significant pruning to remove dead wood from their crowns; council staff were also required to regularly clean up falling nuts from the road and footpaths.

The cost of removing the rock surrounds, removing the trees and grinding the stumps, and fixing the road base has been put at $18,500.

Importing topsoil, installing rootguard, planting new trees and installing a garden surround would cost a further $19,200. 

The notice of motion was put forward by Cr Joe Ingram. 

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